Chapter Seventeen

ch17“Jay-Jay please let me explain.  I know I was wrong for keeping this information from you.  I knew you would react in a negative way.  You and Stoney have been friends since kids.  I didn’t want to betray you, I simply wanted to preserve your friendship.” Jada said, sincerely.
Jade felt somewhat embarrassed for her reaction.  Stoney has been a loyal friend since the day they met.  “Baby, it was one incident and as you heard, she regrets it.  We have more pressing matters to focus on.  A divide amongst our circle can be detrimental right now.”  Nevaeh tried to reason with her.
Jade thought for a second, then said.  “I don‘t like the idea of you both keeping something from me.  Promise me that you will never put me in this position again.”  Jada agreed.  “Stoney and I will have to have a serious talk later.” Jade turned around and left the kitchen with Nevaeh on her heels. Read the rest of this entry


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New Chapter Coming

ch17Back by popular demand London Dior will be releasing a new chapter to Lesbian Tales.

Chapter 16

ch16Stoney made love to Skylor in a way she could never imagine.  Her soft and sensuous caress caused goose bumps to form with every touch.  The following morning, Skylor found herself in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast.  She had many talents but cooking was not one of them.  Determined to prepare a feast for Stoney, she retrieved eggs, turkey sausages and biscuits from the fridge.
Stoney was sound asleep.  Skylor grabbed her iPod and put her headphones in her ears.  The cool melody of Billy Holiday soothed her spirit.  Although she recently turned twenty-five, she has an old soul.  She sang along with Billy as she scrambled the eggs.
The biscuits were cooking and the sausages sizzled.   Feeling a sudden urge to tinkle, she put the eggs to the side and darted off.  The bathroom seemed further away with every step.  Just about bursting through the bathroom door, she sat down and sighed with relief.   She finished up and washed her hands.
Skylor crept in the room to make sure Stoney was still asleep.  She didn’t want to ruin her surprise of breakfast in bed.  Stoney was laid out across the bed with her mouth wide open.  “Yeah she’s still asleep,” Skylor said to herself, chuckling.  On her way back to the kitchen, the smell of something burning reached her nostrils. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 15

ch15The trip to the Dominican Republic was quiet.  Everyone except Donavan and Jade slept for most of the trip.  They discussed the severity of their situation.  “I’m not gonna to lie to you Mr. D.  I have never had these types of issues.  When there is a problem, we solve it.  This thing with Kenton has gone on for far too long.”
On the inside, Donavan agreed with Jade, but it was more to it than simply killing Kenton.  “Although I agree with you one hundred percent, it’s not as simple as it seems.  When we put Kenton to rest, we are going to stop a multi-million dollar cash flow.  With that being said, a lot of people stand to lose a great deal.”
“So we’re supposed to sit back and wait for him to come to us?” Jade started to become agitated.  “That’s not what I’m saying at all.  WWhat I am saying is most people try to cut off the head.  What we need to do is destroy the body.  This way, we don’t have to worry about watching our backs in the future.”
“Well, I guess that does make the most sense.  I am just tired of feeling as if we are on the losing end.  We have lost a long time friend.  My sister was kidnapped and brutalized.  Now Supreme is laid up trying to recover.  I refuse to take another hit and I don’t give a fuck about a multi-million cash flow.”  Read the rest of this entry